Tuesday, November 29, 2011

COP17 CMP7 - A Waste of Time and Money

One of the most useless things you can do as a person is to call a meeting to tell everyone you WILL NOT cooperate with them, nor will you help them in anyway. This is what COP17 short it the UN trying to fix things and the big boys telling the rest of us (UN), they WON'T play ball - not CAN'T but WON'T.

Currently there is a lot of debate going on at the 17th Conference of Parties, much of this debate centres around one very bamboozzling point: Should we save our planet or our economies (that's what I have condensed it down to). What most of the highly educated men and women at COP17 forget is what the SA President Jacob Zuma said: "...Poverty, famine and climate change are directly linked...." and also "...Its a matter of life and death.." and "...Parties must ratify the Kyoto Protocol..." among other such statements in the President's opening address.

Much as we would like to think that the men we elect represent the best interest of us as humanity - THEY DON'T. They represent the best interests of large businesses and other forms of war profiteering. If China and the US truly cared about our planet and the poorer nations who according to a UN report will be hardest hit by the effects of climate change - They would do SOMETHING CONCRETE about it, but alas they do not give a rat's rear what happens to the people of Africa, South America, The Pacific realm and Oceania. They do however care what happens to the natural resources that exist in these regions and continents as such someone else looking from outside Earth would be convinced that the richer nations are betting on the developing world being decimated by climate change so that they can have its resources - FOR FREE. Call me paranoid, but Niccolo Machiavelli wrote that a good leader is ALWAYS PARANOID.

Looming on the horizon I see a war for resources as climate change intensifies and such resources become polluted or more scarce. Let us not be overly dramatic here - The WAR that I am talking about has already begun in the form of currency and other economic battles (China - US). Its mostly about control of resources rather than ownership of resources. The US has moved large armies and based them across the globe to secure its oil and petroleum interests, obviously they have tried to dupe the rest of the globe into believing they have some kind of war on terror - REALLY PEOPLE?! We are NOT THAT DUMB.

OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) is one of the negotiating blocs at the COP17. If ever there was a time to excuse yourself from a negotiating table this is it for OPEC. OPEC can not and will not negotiate a greener world economy while their Sheiks and Presidents depend on the wealth that emanates from a fossil fuel to fund their lavish lifestyles and golden palaces. OPEC has no place at the COP17 the conflict of interest is too great. Maybe being human and compassionate is secondary to bling in the oil enclave in the Middle-East.

The US never ratified Kyoto and we do not expect them to do so soon, this while they expect all of us to support their initiative in the NPT (a treaty that guarantees their nuclear superpower status and that of China, Russia, France and the rest of the NATO weapons sharing countries). Who told these boys we do not need a nuclear deterrent as well? We (SA) dismantled our warheads here ...when are they dismantling their more than 7000 warheads? WE KNOW!!

I digress...Americans are ardent war mongers who have no real interest in anyone's prosperity but their own. To expect them to make concessions to save the world and themselves is not only foolish but DANGEROUS. The Chinese are exactly the same as the US with one other this that makes them even more dangerous - FAKE COMMUNISM coupled by fascist control of the citizenry and rampant corruption amid shocking poverty.

The world needs legally binding agreements, but the biggest problem is that we are blind to our own destruction and have no compassion. May the Lord be with us as we fumble along to oblivion and suffering.

With the kind of so called leadership the world has -the COP17 will yield nothing worth mentioning or even writing about - What a waste of time and resources (LEADERS: that jet fuel just adds CO2 for nothing - just stay home and enjoy the coming climate change) - and we still call ourselves intelligent beings..ha.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GLOBAL THEFT: Unregulated Capitalism -The End Of Us!

I am not an economist nor do I claim to fully understand the reason why in the past 100 years personal income taxes around the globe have reached unprecedented heights, and why the size of governments across the globe has grown to the point where the executive earns $ millions in tax payers money each year.

I also have a limited grasp of the terms, indexes and instruments traded on the various stock exchanges around the globe, further I am making no claim as to my understanding why the gold standard was abandoned BUT I know the human race needs to survive and to prosper in a sustainable manner.

The US almost always takes the lead and my focus will be on them. The US Federal reserve system was the first reserve bank system in the world (as far as I know), and with this system came the false sense of security and proclamations of how great the free market system is [After the great Depression- which some still believe was engineered by those who created the Federal reserve system to oust the small banks by creating a panic]. The fundamental flaws of the system are still known and very well ignored by its proponents even today. The term 'funny money' came from the removal of the gold standard by the US  - from there money became legal tender (basically useless paper with the power of the law behind it).

There will always be class differences. This is mainly due to the different personal and social perceptions when it comes to work, work ethics and wealth comfort zones. The big problem with capitalism is the rule of leveraged resources - Those who have will ALWAYS have the upper hand in a capitalist economy regardless of how hard an poor man works to level the field. Yes there will be entrepreneurial triumph every once in a while, but as industries form and mature it becomes harder to capitalise on demand if you are one of the 'small fish' and this means the gap between the haves and the have nots will certainly grow.

Another issue with capitalism is perpetual debt - as the US economy has grown so has its debt and the debt ceiling - which currently stands at about $14 trillion with the ceiling raised above that, this is a really BIG number and the shlep is that YOU as the tax payer are footing the bill whilst politicians make the decision to go and fight some unnecessary war somewhere with fake WMD. Look security is VERY important, but not at the expense of our children's future and ultimately our survival.

I am still trying to figure out how attacking a movement called Al-Qaeda which effectively is a Jihad militant religious grouping has any effect on  terrorism or in anyway creates world peace - The US must explain to us - SLOWLY (some of us are not that bright). The effect of attacking Al-Qaeda in my opinion is to create more 'terrorists', as the saying goes - your terrorist is someone else's freedom fighter. Its like the crusades - they just made Islam more aggressive and this will not have any real result whatsoever. Maybe this is the aim of those in power so they can take away your freedom and privacy in the name of protecting you (who knows? Conspiracy anyone?).

Personal income tax has over the years increased to meet with the demand for money to wage war, pay public representatives and deliver services at the same time. Never in the history of mankind have taxes been this steep. I am talking about various ways in which the government funds its programmes and also municipal taxes, tranfer duty, etc etc...The list of taxes is quite endless and complex right about now - End result: The majority of the tax is collected from the middle and lower classes as the upper classes have the resources to ensure they pay minimal tax through consultants. There are also new taxes coming up just now - the Carbon tax is coming (like it or not). At the end of the day if citizens feel that the tax burden and the size of governments are okay then nothing will be done and public officials will continue to ride on your backs until the Lord returns.

Are there ultimate beneficiaries in this whole scheme of things - YES. The BANKERS - those are the people who benefit from your sorrow. The state is just a puppet as the Federal reserve is actually privately owned and run. They charge interest on every dollar they lend to the public (They make the funny money + interest) so every dollar that comes out already has interest attached i.e. they want their money plus more money (which they make) - so basically its debt prison created artificially by a bunch of greedy folks...yes really. If the reserve bank was totally government owned repo rates would be very low and this would filter to commercial banks and to customers.

The shenanigans that lead to the current economic downturn are known to everyone - GREED is what will ultimately decide what we do with capitalism.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Barack Obama Has Failed Us All

So much for a Nobel for nothing. Mr Obama has failed in his duties and is now plunging the whole world into another recession or depression depending on how it affect you. The US banking model is the pinnacle of evil that has been copied all over the world by corrupt and inept officials. This is not the last time the 'funny money' will screw humanity. The only people benefitting from this are the bankers who own the Fed and other reserve banks around the world. Recently the US has been printing money (whatever they call it).

The privately owned reserve bank system is a total failure and any justification contrary to this is just nonsense. In addition to that Mr Obama has failed to achieve his own targets e.g. Medicare and pulling troops out of illegal war zones.

To show that  Mr Obama is nothing but a Jewish puppet ruler, he has yet to broker a practical peace deal in the Middle East, what with calling for a review of 1960 or whatever borders. Mr Obama is a failure - Sudan was maybe not strategic enough for the greedy US elite in terms of natural resources and was ignored while hundreds of thousands died.

To date we have not heard of any action against Mr W Bush and Mr Blair for waging an illegal war against a sovereign state on fabricated evidence and charges against UN advice. Saddam was murdered by US puppets and Mr Obama is silent because he knows on which Jew his bread is buttered. We should resign from the UN as it is the most useless organisation ever - after the African Union. Mr Obama is a failure.

Obama is so fond of Jews he has been in talks with their leaders but I am yet to see him engaging the much abused people of Palestine on the same level. Mr Obama is a failure and a black one at that - or is that colored? Mr Obama has achieved nothing - read that again. The so called bailout was nothing less than a socialist move which the US always claims it is against so much for free market - more like free greed.

One day a state will rise that will topple the US and that day will come sooner than you expect Mr Obama - you not only failed the US but ALL of us as humanity - you failed to defend against those who seek world domination through the use of the US state. You failed the people of Palestine, Bahrain, Jordan etc by not defending them from tyrants who you call friends - Hosni was one of your allies Mr Obama - You are a failure and I am ashamed to be black if it means comparison with you.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal 'Pain In The Rear' Wedding: Royal Thieves and Hangers On (ZAPIRO'S LEECHES)

Origin unknown - I forgot the site name sorry (let me know and I will give due credit and link)!

Promotion of Segregation

This article is directed at all monarchs and all their hangers from Armenia (if such exists) to Zulu- In this day and age it is quite suprising to see people clamouring and actually quite glad to see their tax pounds/dollars/rands being fritted away by some undeserving morons who just happen to have come out of the 'right vagina' in the 'right family'.

I have no doubt in my mind that monarchs had their place in the old feudal system and played their part in a time when nothing better existed. Continuing to support these useless relics at millions of pounds or rands in case of my country is both stupid and a useless emotional response. I used to think that the symbolism of royalty justified keeping these so called families and supporting them, but after careful democratic and freedom oriented thinking I have realised that these relics of the past are actually hampering progress towards a more homogenous and cosmopolitan society that would benefit humanity and bolster peace in our universe.

Royalty was based on the concept that leaders are born and not made which is for all intents and purposes false as far as research and modern success has proven. Many argue that royals do a lot of important work and further charitable causes - this might be true, but we do not need them for this as society neither do we need them for traditional ceremonies and cultural activities as these evolve and morph to our needs as society (we can keep our traditions without monarchs and their lot).

Cultural And Goverment Evolution Curtailed

Royals like modern day governments have vested interest in keeping boundaries in society as this defines and justifies their pitiful existence and ensures their continued benefit. The world has moved on from most of its past ignorance but race, ethnicity and the national boundaries set by politics still persist not because it is impossible to remove them but because a lot of people are making way too much profit to have these declared null and void.

I am not saying we are not different (Yes we are), but I am saying there is no need to be apart and royalty is a constant reminder and enforces this unneccessary divide. Art, science and business thrive in a free world and monarchs have no place in a free world. America is the richest country in the world and no king or queen can claim that territory to be theirs. Unilateral rule is a thing of the past and all things that can not fit in a museum from that era should not exist outside it.

As society moves forward holding on to outdated governance systems blocks humanity from reaching its full potential. Top heavy governments such as those that prevail today consume enormous public resources as losses and are not efficient as highly productive minimum governance models of the future where the public will steer the path of government and prosperity will be for all (this is possible don't listen to the liars who have double agendas and want to perpetuate modern corrupt inefficient government systems).


So as far as I am concerned there is no place for monarchs in the modern world. I firmly believe that if democracy and free market had arrived to most of the ancient world earlier than it did our society would be far more advanced as many bright minds would have prospered and innovated much sooner . Only God reigns supreme - all mortals and physical beings must submit to democracy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Libya, Egypt,Bahrain and UN/ American Hypocricy

Confusing Disparities In Application of Justice

The UN Security Council [which is just another name for NATO a US controlled body these days] has authorised a no fly zone and use of 'all necessary means' to quash the Libyan dictactors reign of terror against his own people. This initiative to remove a dictactor I support as Gaddafi has over stayyed his welcome and must leave office for a democratic government elected by the people of Libya.

My question is why was the same stance not taken with the despot called Hosni Mubarak? Why is the Bahraini regime allowed to slaughter it own people who are striving for Democracy and freedom not being assisted in any kind by the so called UN security council and that oh so great beacon of freedom the US? Why are the oppressed people of the middle east allowed to suffer whilst action is taken against Gaddafi? I will tell you why just now.

Friends That Comply to Western/ US needs

The so called king of Bahrain just so happens to be a friend of the US and by extension all NATO countries (i.e. The West).

King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa at the White House in 2004 [to congratulate Bush on re-election] as if this twit knows what democracy is (image from

Why do you think the President of the free world George W. Bush (Dubya) is so happy to see a monarch who rules his people like chicken? I will tell you why...3 letter word - OIL - nothing more nothing less. There is no other interest for the US is the Middle East (except for the safety of Israel of course - the 51st state of the American Jewish elite). The US gets its oil from many sources but these also include - Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iraq (Basically oil is stolen from here, which I think is the modus operandi with Libya - Foods for oil my left foot - Pay people what is due to them in dollars per barrel and they will buy their own food).

Hosni Mubarak and Barack Obama at the White House in 2009. Why is the leader of the Free World so happy to see a despot? Well ask all the President before him... [image from ]
Hosni Mubarak is just a lucky guy now isn't he. He has rubbed shoulders with as many as 5 US Presidents and all that time to them he was a hero - Why?! - Remember the Israel story and it being the 51st state of the US well that just about sums it up. You see with Mubarak in the region none of these radical Islamist Republics and monarchies of the Arab world would touch Israel and at that time there was no one else to safe guard Israel other than Hosni and his allegedly (well there is no smoke without fire now is there?) corrupt regime. So basically if you comply with US/ NATO needs you are free to screw your people as much as it pleases you.

Other despots in history especially in Africa have been allowed to basically take a dump on their people all in the name of friendship and providing a certain commodity to the West. France and Ivory Coast, Portugal and Mozambique, The West (US/NATO) and the DRC despots also come to mind.

[Interesting Fact] Both Hosni's EGYPT and The Bahraini Monarch were US allies during the FIRST GULF WAR.

Now let us get to those who are not favoured shall we - The Saddams, The Gaddafi's, The Iran's etc. Let us see what they did wrong.

The Delinquent Leaders of Vassal States

Saddam Hussein - was once a friend of the US, as they assisted him covertly with weapons, funding and the like in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980. At some point which I am not going to explain he became an non friend due mainly to his insane blood lust, support for terrorists (Abu Nidal) and his former affiliation with the USSR during the Cold War - long story that -So the US had happily funded and armed Saddam against Iran until he started giving them egg on their collective faces when he started using chemical weapons against his own people and Iran (hence this is 1 reason the Ayatollah Khomeini does not dig the US).

After these atrocities and shenanigans from the dictactor - then still supported by the US - it all ultimately culminated in the Kuwaiti invasion spurred by accusations of slant drilling which another term for 'you are stealing my oil dude', exceeding OPEC quotas further reducing the oil price to Iraq's detriment and claims that Kuwait is part of Iraq separated by the British (to which i believe Iraq has a legitimate claim) - the US imposed economic sanctions and froze assets belonging to the nutcase (after killing MANY people). During the first Gulf War the US basically pulverised Iraq into the stone age - but they did not remove Saddam from power.

[Interesting Fact - In October 2000 Saddam detached himself from the US Dollar and started selling his oil under the UN oil for food programme - in Euros]

In December 1990, Iraq made a proposal to withdraw from Kuwait provided that their forces were not attacked as they left, and that a consensus was reached regarding the banning of WMD in the Palestinian region. The US rejected the proposal - Israel is more important than World Peace to the wealthy US Jewry. The French also tried to have this resolved but the US stuck to its hard line position that there would be no negotiations until Iraq withdrew from Kuwait and that they should not grant Iraq concessions, lest they give the impression that Iraq benefited from its military campaign effectively ensuring a war with a now angered Hussein (You would be pissed too if you were him - admit it).

Gaddafi - The 'Socialist' Despot

Gaddaffi stole government from the Libyan King in a bloodless coup. He has a nice history of almost entiely madness and atrocities. The less said about him the better. The US should have rid us of him a long time ago. I do not like Gaddaffi and feel very much that he is a despot who has killed the hope of his people. End.


Americas advance into Libya has nothing to do with the welbeing of its people but about the oil fields and preserving their neo imperialistic global hegemony. It seems whoever sits at the White House whether it be a Republican racist or a Democrat bigot there will always be war coming from those quarters. America must decide what it really stands for.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Ivory Coast Circus

The so called President Laurent Gbagbo is refusing to relinquish his seat after being decisively drubbed by his opponent Pres. Alassane Ouattara in the recent Ivorian election. This is just another example why African states are still dirt poor after many years of independence and having so much in the form of natural and human resources.

Laurent Gbagbo is not only breaking the law of the Ivory Coast (President are not allowed to serve more than 2 terms by the constitution of that country- article 35 of the Ivorian constitution), he is also bringing destruction to that country to satisfy his own personal ambitions and ego. Men like him are a dime a dozen in this lovely continent of ours, when you look south towards Harare you will find Mugabe busy destroying that once great land, but at least he had the decency to change the constitution to suit himself first.

Ivory Coast now has two presidents and is dancing at the edge of another full blown civil war. Congratulations Mr Gbagbo, you just joined the long list of African nincompoomps...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Julian - Villain or Hero?

Since we all heard of Julian and Wikileaks we have not been able to stop ourselves wondering exactly who this chap and where he comes from. His story is now available on and it reads like a sci-fi script cum comic book story.

Julian was a hacker, a computer hacker and at one time was caught and his equipment was confiscated. He lived with his single parent mom and moved so many times during his young life that I kinda feel for the chap. That being said I can't get past trying to figure out his motives with establishing wikileaks.

There is a fine line between being a hero of free info access and being an anarchist destroying world peace. I have been battling to understand the real reasons for leaking classified documents and attaching people's names to it for all to see. For one - it is not ellegal to publish classified info that was leaked by another source even though the USG will have us believe they would be justified in prosecuting Assange, BUT it does seem erresponsible to print people's names (agents, diplomats etc.) when you are exposing certain unsavoury acts that were committed by them on behalf of their government (I am all for exposing the main players - the top echelon should take responsibility as they are the ones who order those 'atrocious acts'), but villifying the foot soldiers by putting their names on the leaks is just not responsible. He might just get a lot of people killed and that to me is just villainous.

Exposing USG targets and bases (even though most are public knowledge) makes it easy for so called terrorists to attack them, BUT there are a lot of young men in those bases who are being used by the powers that be for their own ends who do not deserve to die in the hands of insane religious fundamentalists. I am fully behind the destruction of the centralisation of power that the USG and NATO are trying very hard to legitimise and force upon us and I guess what Mr Assange and his team are trying to do is save us from exactly this. I think Mr Assange should start leaving lower ranking officials names out of his leaks to protect innocent families and focus on those who order these people to do what they are doing. Yes they must carry the responsibility for their actions, but they should not die for them.

Do we need to know what Wikileaks is exposing - YES. Do we need to see people's lives in danger because of it - NO. Mr Assange for me is a HERO who just needs to ensure that what he does will not put people's lives in jeopardy unnecessarily. If of course someone bombs a city or plans a genocide..well then their name should be out ther for all to see so we can have justice. Hillary is one person (US secretary of state) who name comes to mind, she really needs to go to jail together with Bush, Blair and the rest of the lying Iraq WMD entourage.

Thank you Julian!